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Excluding paths from your publish

Well done! You’ve started publishing your site on Strattic! Publishing is already very fast on Strattic (thanks devs!), but what if you have a massive site or just want to speed up your publishes and have even more control over what gets published? Good news – you can exclude specific

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Strattic Publish Event Hooks

Strattic’s publishing system makes use of several transients. You can use these to perform actions at different parts of the publish process, such as sending a message with relevant information when the publish has completed.

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Publish API

We have an API endpoint that will allow you to trigger a publish to your Live or Preview environment. Currently, this is a Custom Tier feature. To learn more, contact our support via the form on the page, or use the Intercom popup to get in touch.

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Adding Custom Paths to Your Publish

When your site is published to static, we reference paths for all resources related to URLs. Here’s how to add custom paths. You typically think of these as slugs, for example: / (the homepage) /about-us /contact

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